Our School


The Government asks us to share certain information with stakeholders. Please click on the tab KEY INFORMATION to read more.

Our LIFE CHANNEL in school is updated weekly with photos and films to celebrate achievements and recognise effort in school. 

Our children are highly pro-active and want to share information about their school with each other.  Every month RE Monitors, JTAs, Eco-School Council, Games Crew, E-Buddies, Art Crew and Music Maestros write a newsletter which they distribute around the school and display in the playground.  Click on the Footprints tab to read their news.

Every Friday the school gathers together for Golden Assembly in order to celebrate how we have achieved our 5 STAR CODE OF CONDUCT.  

Our Virtual School, Fronter, contains information for children and parents about current topics being studied for each year group, details of homework, a Room of Excellence to celebrate work and achievement together with a parent help room to assist with children's learning. There is also an E-Safety room which is updated regularly with useful links and resources for parents and children.

Each month Mrs D'Netto sends a newsletter to parents - see our Parent section with Newsletters. Within this, Mrs D'Netto shares messages from our monitors. Governors also use the Newsletter to share information. PFA notices and events are also included within the newsletter.

During Spring 2016 we launched our E-Safety and Computing Newsletter. This can be found within the E-Safety page and is also sent by parent mail.

If you need to find any more information please try the PARENTS section or give the office a call between 8.30am and 4.30 pm.