Our staff work closely together to ensure we provide a safe, happy and caring educational experience for the children at St Ursula's Catholic Junior School.


Acting Headteacher                                                                                                     Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Wilson                                                                                                                    Mr K Ashburn

Class Teachers: 

Mr Ashburn      

Mrs Marshall     

Mrs Hall            

Mrs Claydon    

Mrs Rose                       

Miss Edwards             

Miss  Forte 

Mr Fielder   

Miss Clark            


 Mrs Balcombe (Inclusion Manager)



Site Team

School keeper:          Mr. Junnix


Cleaners:                   Mrs. Sak-Patel



Office Team


School Business Manager:          Miss Morrison

Finance & Admin Officer:             Mrs Jones

Admin Assistant:                           Mrs Carragher

Office Apprentice:                         Miss Dogru

Support Staff and Teaching Assistants:                 

Mrs Walsh (Pastoral Lead)             

Ms. Caldwell              Mrs Parker

Mrs. Daltrey               Mrs. Nightingill

Mrs. Ladly                  Mrs. Shields

Mrs. Wratten              Mrs Douglas

Mrs Johnson              Ms Draper



Midday Team

Mrs Graham                

Mrs Savill

Mrs Ghobrial

Mrs Ilott

Miss Stone

Miss  Goodey

Mrs Sak-Patel

Mrs Sykes

Miss Johnson

Mrs Imran